Orthodoxe Chess Problems - Udo Marks!

Welcome to Udo Marks' homepage... In the last years I build many chess problems in many chess variants. 
I you want to contact me, please write an email to marks@skgronau.de

My site is now running as part of skgronau.de

Mate in 2 (Udo Marks, Martin Botschek) Landeszeitung Lüneburg, 4th September 1993
Mate in 2 (Udo Marks), Rochade Europa (Germany) September 199
Mate in 2 (Jesper Karl Lorenz Jespersen, Denmark 1848-1914), Brighton Society (England) 1897 2nd Prize
Mate in 2 (Charles William Sheppard, USA), Good Companions, USA 1921 1st Prize
Mate in 3 (Udo Marks), Rochade Europa (Germany) August 1994
Mate in 3 (Udo Marks), Landeszeitung Lüneburg 14th March 1992
Mate in 3 (Udo Marks, Peter Rösler), Knobi's Knobelecke June 1998
Mate in 3 (Siegmund Lehner, Germany 1838-1867), Deutsche Schachzeitung 1864
Mate in 3 (Ruth Lindsay, England), The Observer (England 1931)
Mate in 3 (Sam Lloyd, USA 1841-1911), N.Y. Albion (USA) 22nd May 1858
Mate in 4, two solutions (Udo Marks), Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung 4th February 1995
Mate in 4 (Udo Marks), Rochade Europa (Germany) March 1995
Mate in 5 (Udo Marks), The Problemist (England) March 1999
Mate in 5 (Udo Marks), Problem Paradise (Japan) January 1999
Mate in 5 (Udo Marks), Problem Paradise (Japan) April 1999
Mate in 6 (Udo Marks), Problem Paradise (Japan) July 1999
Mate in 6 with setplay (Udo Marks), Original
Mate in 10 (Udo Marks), Problem Paradise (Japan) October 1999
Mate in 19 (Udo Marks), British Chess Magazine (England) May 1994, 1st to 2nd honory mention
Mate in 24 (Horatio Bolton, England 1790-1873), The Chess Players Chronicle 1850, The Propeller
Mate in 267 (Lutz Neweklowsky), Original
Mate in 292 (Otto-Titus Blathy, Hungary 1860-1939), Vielzügige Schachaufgaben 1889, illegal position